LETTER: Please use your vote wisely

Can I humbly suggest how voters might assess candidates for county council elections in Seaford?

I stood as candidate in three of Seaford’s five elections for town council, and then in a by-election. Never got elected, but that’s democracy.

I was co-opted onto a single-party Seaford Town Council for four years so they would have someone to debate with! That was hard work!

So look at the current county council candidates and ask:

Have you ever heard of them? If not, why?

Have you seen any letters in the newspapers from them, and were they constructive and positive, or just destructive rants?

Do they only operate online in social media or do they write to the papers, appear at social/ cultural/ sporting/ charitable/ whole-town events in the town, and generally interact?

Have you had a leaflet, a doorstep meeting, a chat outside the shop/ pub/ church – or are they invisible?

Do they live in the town? If not, are they standing because they won’t get in in their own patch, or because their support group in our town is desperate for candidates?

Do they display confidence and local knowledge, ideas and enthusiasm, or are they only standing because their party, friends or family want to make up the numbers?

Are they pro-Seaford, or just pro-self or pro-party?

If you think they are pro-Seaford, public-spirited, open to ideas and criticism, and will last the course for four years, then they deserve your vote! Regardless of a party label.

Please do vote!

Peter White

Valley Drive, Seaford