LETTER: Polegate Level Crossing – update

Recently you published my letter. Without going into the history of my exchanges with Network Rail I stumbled on the fact that their signalling system was incorrectly dealing with the 09.37 departure from Polegate.

The barriers are automatic and activated by approaching trains and if a train is not scheduled to stop at Polegate the barriers are lowered earlier giving a road closure of four to five minutes.

The 09.37 departure from Polegate was being signalled as a non-stop service in error.

This may have been going on since February 2015.

I cannot understand why the Network Rail signallers had not noticed that the train was being incorrectly managed.

It would appear Network Rail have no systems in place to observe or rectify these errors.

My reporting paid off: During the weekend July 15/16 2017 they must have made some software adjustments either to the train schedule or the train identity because from Monday, July 17 the train signalled correctly and road closure was one minute and 50 seconds instead of four to five minutes.

Updated my account with my observations but no response from Network Rail.

They should not be allowed to have wrong operating procedures which delay road users.

Peter Cox

Albert Road