Letter: Pool - what is it going to cost us?

WITH reference to your front page article on Friday, January 20, Heathfield Pool Design Unveiled for a proposed public swimming pool at Heathfield Community College.

Although you addressed some of the public’s concern in the article, you did not mention the important issue that was raised at that meeting by some of the people, about a public swimming pool annual running cost deficit, ie will this pool pay for itself?

The way this question was avoided by the Heathfield Partnership at the meeting makes me think, no it would not pay for itself. Jeff Hart of Freedom Leisure replied to this question: ‘We will just have to find a way to keep raising funds’.

When it was asked ‘but what if this fails’. Am I correct in saying he replied, we won’t be able to use the pool then. This seems an awful lot of effort, expense, and fund raising to date on behalf of the 5,000 supporting public that signed petitions, if the annual running costs cannot be found, to abandon the pool, or is it just being kept quiet by Heathfield Partnership that they will have to keep fund raising (from the public) or the council tax payer would have to cover the cost. Which ever way, in times of austerity this may not be appreciated.

The Heathfield Partnership should come clean and show the public a business plan on how much this pool will cost to run annually. With energy prices doubling, could we be talking a massive amount. The supporting public need to know where they stand before this planning application is submitted. So come on Heathfield Partnership let the pool supporting public know just how much this pool is going to cost them, and show a business plan.

B Freeman, Old Heathfield