LETTER: Positive action now, please

I REFER to the Sussex Express front page article (December 16).

For the past three years, I have been trying to get the various authorities to take action on South Way and North Way traffic. But to date, very little action has been taken. The latest accident was a vehicle crashing into the ladies hair studio at the top of South Way. One of the problems is the speed of the traffic. Will any one in the authorities do anything about it? No. I have suggested a speed camera or even a “sid” speed indicator, but to date no such action has been taken.

Another problem was the tree branches overhanging the road at the top of South Way, resulting in pedestrians having to walk in the road. When I complained to the council, I was told the branches could not be trimmed back due to nobody knowing who owned the roots.

I took action and trimmed them back and as I proceeded I was thanked by 12 residents.

On North Way, I have suggested that when traffic is held up due to the swing bridge opening, signs should be erected every 200 yards advising motorists to switch off their engines. But the highways authority stated it is not possible due the fact it is not in the highway code. Yet this action would calm delayed aggravation and lessen the pollution. We need to slow the traffic around the Newhaven giratory now. Not in six months.

There are many people who like living in Newhaven like me and want to make a success of the town and we will succeed. We need some positive action by those in charge.

John Adams,