LETTER: Process must be democratic

My disdain for all things UKIP does not stop me from agreeing with Alan Latham (Opinion, Express January 13) that 55 UKIP members of parliament would be far healthier for our democracy than the current crop of SNP members.

It is conceivable that had UKIP had that representation in parliament the feeling of being side lined by a governing elite that played a part in many people’s decision to vote Leave might have carried less weight.

That we are going to leave the European Union (EU) should not be in dispute but the final arrangement with the EU must be open to democratic debate and those who voted for us to leave should not try to prevent those of us who voted to remain from being involved in that debate.

The continuing irony of those who voted to “take back control” from Europe trying to prevent our parliament from crucial involvement in that debate would be a source of quiet mirth if it were not so very, very sad.

Graham Heap

Dunvan Close, Lewes