LETTER: Progress needs protecting

I would like to correct some misrepresentations made by S Parsons (March 2), responding to my earlier letter.

Leaving aside the two separate misspellings of my name it is stated that I ‘felt bullied’. I actually said ‘certain letters from hardline Brexiteers exhibit an aggressive, bullying tone’, which I dislike and find ugly. There is a big difference and I feel neither bullied or, for that matter, intimidated.

The remarks about ‘peculiar liberal guilt’ are nonsense.

I stated that my comments were directed only at the hardline EU-phobes whose letters grace the pages of the Sussex Express, not all those who voted to leave. The great majority are of course perfectly good people whose views happen to differ fundamentally from mine and many others. To suggest otherwise is typically divisive and misleading.

To me it’s clear we have been far better off in the EU in terms of prosperity, culture, tolerance and liberal attitudes. The debate now is to protect that progress and especially not crash the economy by a hard Brexit. Those who have been ‘left behind’ might look to put responsibility on successive UK governments rather than the EU.

It’s remarkable for a so-called ‘failed post-war ideal’ (S Parsons and others) that the EU27 are so united in Brexit negotiations whereas Britain is hopelessly muddled. At the same time Brexit supporter Trump slaps big tariff barriers on US steel and aluminium imports from the EU/UK. America (our big friend) First!

In another letter hardline Brexiteer Alan Latham explains that it’s all for the sake of younger generations. A strange remark (among others) to make considering that those very same younger generations voted Remain so strongly.

Hugh Redgewell

High Street