LETTER: Put it below the Premier Inn

There remains one last acceptable option for a relocation of Lewes Post Office, if this is still the intention, despite the very clear demonstration of public preference for it to continue unchanged in its High Street location.

This would be for it to form part of the ground floor shopping area below the Premier Inn hotel development, in such a way as to integrate it with minor interruption to the commercial frontage but sharing use of the rear servicing facilities provided.

This of course would require the acquiescence of the developers Quora Ltd in the interests of the general public, following the loss of the former Courts option for this purpose, as a compensatory gesture at the very least.

It may also be pointed out that the presence of a main Post Office integral with the shopping area could well serve to increase public patronage of those facilities, thus offsetting any reduction of commercial floorspace.

It should also be remarked that the public car park immediately adjacent is primarily a shoppers car park, intended for local use, ie, chiefly that of Lewes townspeople as distinct from passing overnight visitors.

As such, any Post Office generated activities would seem to earn a fully appropriate place among all local facilities at this location. If, however, this approach is deemed unacceptable on commercial grounds, notwithstanding the case outlined above, the only satisfactory option for the Post Office would be for it to remain where it is, as distinct from arbitrary relocation in scaled-down form to the dusty back recesses of some inappropriate secondary trading position.

Michael Parfect,

Cranedown, Lewes