LETTER: Recycling bins are not ornaments

I write in response to Mr Alex Thomson of Uckfield, (letters, p34, March 11).

Should it not be put to these self-concerned indolent ‘litter louts’ that when they cast potentially dangerous waste cans and glass bottles about, that it could alas perhaps lacerate an animal’s foot or tongue in the dark and perhaps an infant’s foot, which could waste a vet’s time or a surgeon’s. Recycling bins are not ornaments.

They are there, are they not, to reduce pollution and costs? Litter bins are not receptacles for piglets.

One of this nation’s earners is tourism, therefore safety and cleanliness are selling points.

Regarding unwanted local litter, was it not so before talk of green and ecology, that The Keep Britain Tidy Campaign lead it’s HQ in Brighton UK in the early 1960s?

I can recall, when a very keen pupil at Ringmer County Secondary School in the 1960s, a female pupil there sketched a sow with her piglets in the foreground, the poster’s caption read “I take my litter home”.

Felipe Hewlett,

Elm, Newhaven