LETTER: Remembrance is not enough

Remembrance is not enough.

We are coming into the season of Remembrance. Red poppies are everywhere. According to the Cambridge Dictionary remembrance means ‘the act of remembering and respecting the dead and events’.

But without a commitment to understanding and trying to never repeat the mistakes of the past, we will have a series of future wars and conflicts that will continue to require remembrance.

For instance, did you know that the events happening now in the Middle East are a consequence of the Sykes-Picot Line that was secretly drawn onto a map of the Arabian Desert by a British and a French Diplomat during 1916?

Eugene Rogan, of Oxford University and a respected author on the subject, writes; “The wartime partition and agreements left a legacy of imperialism, Arab mistrust in great power politics, and a belief in conspiracies that the Arab people have held responsible for their misfortunes ever since.”

I’m sure that like me, you respond with distress and grief watching images of current conflicts.

Understanding how events occur can help to avoid repeating them. That is why during this season of Remembrance, I will be selling white poppies in Lewes High Street, which as a symbol created by The Peace Pledge Union, aims to bring together education for peace with remembrance, and also to include all victims of conflict alongside fallen British service men and women.

Imogen Makepeace

North Way, Lewes