LETTER: Replace machines with ones that actually work

So the Southern Railway, aka “Govia Thameslink Railway”, plans to close some local station ticket offices and curtail opening times at others, does it? (Ticket offices face closure threat, 5 February)

And it plans to do this after “re-educating” its passengers into using its ticket machines.

Before making any more fatuous and patronising comments like this, Southern’s managers could think about replacing their present ticket machines with versions that actually work: one of the two at Lewes very seldom does.

And then the managers could think about “re-educating” themselves into remembering what they are here for: not to maximise profits for their shareholders, but to provide a service for us, the people who have to use the service they so falteringly provide.

There are plenty of passengers who will happily re-educate you about what a proper rail service is. Yours isn’t.

Alex Kirby

Prince Edward’s Road, Lewes