LETTER: Resignation call beggars belief

Lib Dem Councillor Peter Gardiner’s letter (July 1) calling for Maria Caulfield’s resignation beggars belief but is rather typical of nasty personal attacks becoming all too common in politics.

The ludicrous claim that our MP should resign because her constituency voted 48% for ‘leave’ as against 52% ‘remain’ in a referendum fulfilling a Conservative manifesto commitment and in which her views represent the views of the majority of voters is absurd, particularly as Councillor Gardiner adds in desperation to bolster his argument that some unspecified part of the constituency voted 70% for ‘remain’. He then goes on to accuse Ms Caulfield of leaving the count in some sort of huff, when she was simply in the next room being interviewed by journalists.

In like manner, Paul Newman, who seems overwhelmed by ‘Project Fear’ (letter July 1), really should get a grip on reality. Western Civilisation has not ended with a vote for Brexit. The British people have simply voted to regain their sovereignty and reject a supra-national government, something already enjoyed by the majority of countries. The new government will negotiate an orderly withdrawal from the EU and develop an even-handed engagement with the whole world.

Michael Staples

Grove Road, Seaford