LETTER: Resignation was courageous

Please be assured Maria that many of your constituents, saw your resignation as courageous.

You are a person of principles, and not an MP that flips and flops whatever way the wind is blowing. Well done Maria and I for one support you. If the referendum vote had gone the way of remain, I am sure that us people who had wished to leave the EU would have been given short shrift by the remainers.

We would have been told to accept a democratic decision of the people. There will be no meaningful negotiations with the EU, the EU will very soon pour cold water on the Chequers agreement.

The EU are just “bully boys” they are now showing us their true colours. If we had another referendum, I for one would vote out yet again. The remainers should get behind Great Britain, and stop talking this great nation down.

It’s the EU that needs to change not the countries of Europe. When we fall off the cliff edge which is now looking the only option, the countries of Europe and the UK will start to make sensible trade deals with each other. The EU with its inability to change, or have meaningful negotiations, will find that it is sidelined and out of business. And that will be a great day for all of Europe. Remember the dinosaurs died out because they were unable to adapt to change.

Richard Turner,

Station Road,