LETTER: Respect the democratic vote

Paul Newman of Lewes is a very confused soul indeed.

He says that he is a true Conservative and then goes on to describe the majority of people in this country who voted for Brexit as a cabal of extremists and describes our MP, Maria Caulfield, as a hard Brexit Zealot.

True Conservatism is about allowing people to defend themselves, allowing people to free speech, allowing people to better themselves through their own actions supported by a Conservative Government, allowing people to vote on who governs them and their country. He says that Lewes has a proud record of objection to an over mighty state? Excuse me Mr Newman, where on earth have you been for 40 plus years.

An over mighty state, rings a bell with me. The EU. An over burdensome state who make diktats and laws throughout it’s fiefdom and the poor citizens who could not control them or say no. Enough. Remember Thomas Payne Mr Newman? Read his words.

The majority of the people, I repeat, the majority of the people in this country, were told time and time again, by the remain side and the leave side, that if we voted to leave we would not be in the single market or the customs union.

Save the country from the wreckers? What is wrong in controlling our own laws for the good of it’s own citizens, to be able to trade with the rest of the world, which is the biggest market on earth, to be able to control your borders and to decide who we, as a tolerant country, decide to come and work and live among us. To share our values and way of life.

A wrecker? Well, I suppose I am then. Me and the majority of the country. Impoverished isolation? When? Look around you Mr Newman.

Please tell me when the sky is going to fall in? When is the stock market going to crash? When is there going to be mass unemployment? When are foreign companies going to stop investing in the British people and its work force? When is the city going to collapse and when are all the factories going to close and when are all of our continental food outlets going to close? Project fear strikes again. A true conservative, you are not.

A democrat, you are not, a scaremonger you are. Respect the decision of the democratic vote of the British people.

Cllr Peter Charlton, Con

Ouse Valley East