LETTER: Revert to the skirt!

The decision taken by Priory School to force ‘gender neutrality’ on to everyone with its now famous new uniform is offensive to anyone who has, and celebrates, a gender.

Gender is by its very definition not neutral – it is part of the polarity of nature and the universe. Equality between the genders is an entirely different matter and should not be confused with neutrality.

There is a total lack of equality in forcing girls to adopt what is essentially, and historically, a masculine dress style – trousers, shirt and tie.

This is a classic example of a male-dominant attitude masquerading as forward-thinking, and it is disappointing that a progressive town like Lewes would fall for it.

Many girls choose not to wear trousers, but nearly all boys do so as a matter of course, so the onus to change and fall into line lies entirely with the girls; a thoroughly unfair situation, and the absolute opposite of a feminist stance. This gives a depressing and demeaning message to the girls: they are not equal unless they dress like boys.

It was sad to see this morning the town awash with girls looking like small businessmen – my own daughter included. I do hope the madness is short lived and the school takes the decision to (in my daughter’s words) revert to the skirt.

Piers Adams

Malling Street, Lewes