LETTER: Review the need for project

Given the Government’s announcement that it is to shelve the proposed Operation Stack lorry park near Folkestone, having already spent something like £13m of public money on the project, I thought it worth revisiting the idea of East Sussex County Council reviewing the plans for the Newhaven Port Access Road Extension over the railway and creek and onto Tide Mills.

I have it on very good authority that the French owners of Newhaven Harbour are totally ambivalent to the idea. Apparently they have no interest whatsoever in the idea of a new road into Newhaven Harbour.

This must call into question the county council’s insistence on building it.

Not a single developer has taken any interest in the already completed section of Newhaven Port Access Road so I again ask why the county council, given the current economic climate and cutbacks in many vital local services, would want to spend many millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money on a project that no one wants or needs.

I urge the council to follow the Government lead and review the need for this project at this time.

Geoff King

Marine Drive, Seaford