LETTER: Saddened but not shocked

I am one of many Liberal Democrats in Lewes saddened to hear the details given in the Sussex Express of the treatment Maria Caulfield has received since taking office.

Saddened but not shocked, as it is now the case that many people feel emboldened to denigrate, sneer at and threaten any woman who comes to public notice. This is despicable and vindictive behaviour and has no place in politics or public life, and we condemn it utterly. While we deplore many of Ms Caulfield’s policies, we will always strive to achieve an atmosphere where people can debate issues, and sometimes disagree vehemently, without sinking to the level of the contemptible behaviour Ms Caulfield has described.

On this theme we note that one of our female MPs, Layla Moran, was last week subject to a barrage of massed jeering from hundreds of Conservative MPs when she was doing her job in the House of Commons. If Ms Caulfield wants the tenor of public debate to change, she could perhaps encourage her own colleagues to be more civilised.

Rob Parsons

Mill Path, Ringmer