Letter: Seaford - public input welcomed

Seaford Town Council welcomes the interest, views and concerns of the residents of Seaford and does all it can to help solve any concerns and problems.

I refer in particular to the recent repairs to the Groyne at Splash Point where, after a concerted campaign by local residents, the town council “without prejudice” contributed one third of the cost of the repair work.

Following the recent storms this finally amounted to £1,042.52 after further repairs to the walkway had to be carried out to enhance public safety.

The town council continues to work with Lewes District Council, the Environmental Agency and the Crown Estates Commissioners to establish who owns this part of Seaford and through this to obtain funding for more permanent repairs to the area.

Seaford has been neglected by previous administrations and was under funded for many years with many of the town’s assets being sold off and the money used for other purposes within Lewes District and East Sussex County, e.g. Corsica Hall.

The town council are now addressing this problem and are doing all it can within its current financial restraints to rejuvenate the town and particularly the seafront area. This of course costs money which the council is now finding ways of addressing.

We will continue to work with our residents and local business and commerce to invest in the town to improve Seaford and make it a more attractive venue than it already is.

Councillor Mark Brown

deputy chairman,

Finance and General Purposes Committee