Letter: Shameful decision

I strongly object to the process and manner by which the council has evicted Lewes Cinema from the All Saints Centre.

Moreover, the tone and language of the council’s recent statement betrays strong biases against small family businesses, such as saying that Lewes Cinema operates under “different corporate guises”, as if there were some deception at work, or faulting them for “not securing a more permanent trading position” as if a company of that size could possibly invest in its own cinema building.

The council characterises Lewes Cinema as only showing “blockbusters” – this is simply not true, as the cinema has a reputation for showing a wide variety films suited to diverse Lewes audiences.

The Film Club, while showing an admirable selection of artistic films, cannot make this claim.

Perhaps the most disturbing point is that the council is not only ejecting a working family business, but taking over its established trade and hard-earned clientele – which would not exist had the premesis been left only to the Film Club over the past decade.

Now the council and apparently the Film Club want to capitalise on others’ hard work. This is morally reprehensible. Would the council evict Bill’s and open a cafe “with improved seating” if it owned the building?

To try to present this as a case of misinformation is despicable – the bare facts speak for themselves: the council has behaved irresponsibly, and its shameful decision should be reversed.

Jethro Pettit, Lewes