LETTER: She believes Brexit is the right way forward

Mr Paul Newman (letters 8th July) claims he’s a Conservative but I don’t imagine he’s a fully paid up member of the 150,000 strong association of “blimps” who will be voting for their new party leader shortly.

Maria Caulfield voted Brexit because she believes this is the right way for the United Kingdom to progress – along with 13 million other registered voters who opted to leave the EU.

If Mr Newman wants Maria out he knows how to do it – via the ballot box at the next general election and not by maligning a very hard-working MP simply because she doesn’t share the same views as him.

He might even think of putting his money where his mouth is by joining a party where he can vent his misguided spleen to his heart’s content; but might I suggest he first educates himself on what the word democracy actually means.

Cllr Wendy Alexander

Old Drive