Letter: Shortage of water?

SO our reservoirs are low and our water companies have been writing to ask us to save water.

We are advised to take showers instead of baths and limit the amount of water used when flushing our toilets.

They show pictures of people collecting water from stand pipes to illustrate what might happen if we fail to heed their demands.

Are we living in a third world country? Huge increases in housing developments in the South East have, unsurprisingly, placed unsustainable demands on our existing water supply infrastructure.

This nation is not short of water. There is more than enough in Scotland, North Wales and the North of England. Why are the water companies not building a network of water mains to take water from where there is an over-supply to where there is a need?

Massive pipelines were laid across this country when natural gas first became available. Why don’t we have something similar for water? Surely we could obtain funding for such a project from the infrastructure funds of the European Union. We pay plenty to those funds to be squandered in Greece and elsewhere. Let’s get something back. Or are we content to deny ourselves the pleasure of taking an occasional bath?

Do we really want to risk outbreaks of infectious diseases like typhoid and cholera through not being able to flush our toilets properly?

Arthur N L Kay,