Letter: Silence on tax rise

HAVING written to Norman Baker MP about Seaford’s proposed 9.53 per cent increase in council tax, he states in his reply: “The tax hike is the largest for any town in Sussex and as you know goes against the Conservatives’ election promise not to raise council tax.

“The Conservatives in Seaford need to recognise that people’s finances are already stretched, and tax rises such as this are very unhelpful, particularly when you consider not all the money is going into projects that will bring a long term benefit to the community.”  

In 2010/11 the tax was increased by 33 per cent for a planning application and consultant’s fees for a grandiose golf club building at Seaford Head. As this should have been a non-recurring expense, the following year’s tax should have been reduced, but it wasn’t. The tax was increased again by 2.5 per cent 2011/2012. We now see the town council are proposing to go through the golf club planning application stage again.

Since when has it been Conservative Policy to run or develop golf clubs? They should create a ground lease at an appropriate rent with all the necessary public access safe guards and let it to a private organisation.

Also why does Seaford Town Council need reserves of nearly £300,000 according to their accounting statements? Rainy day or emergency problems likely to affect Seaford residents would be the responsibility of other councils or bodies for which they have reserves.

In any other area of the country, the chairman of the Local Conservative Association and their candidate for the next parliamentary election would usually have something to say on this matter, but not in Seaford it appears. I can only remember this at the next election.

John A Bailey, Seaford