LETTER: Some of us prefer talking to people

Following the article [on the ticket office] in the Sussex Express 5 February, I would like to comment:

Ticket machines are difficult to use, eg, why not have the Qwerty keyboard rather than random letters scattered among the numbers? This adds time and frustration to the process.

Will there be enough staff (the station often appears to have no one on duty by the ticket office) to help with the machines? I’ve yet to be able to purchase a ticket from Lewes to Victoria, although I have managed to collect a prepaid ticket.

Counter staff are very helpful in booking tickets beyond the reaches of Southern Rail. Also in giving info about engineering works not on Southern Rail.

Not all of us are familiar with websites and prefer talking to people. I notice that the tills at Waitrose are fully utilised, not many use the automatic system (especially if buying alcohol or needing cashback, both of which require a live person). I travel to London Victoria frequently, there is always a demand for the ticket office, rather the machines.

What about security at the station, let alone on trains? I have a blind friend who needs help getting off at the relevant stations, eg, East Croydon, Clapham Junction. What happens when there is an accident on the train and the driver is unable to help (maybe injured?).

Dee O’Connell

Friars Walk, Lewes