LETTER: Some points on flooding

Under the heading ‘How do we stop Lewes Flooding?’ Colin Frost-Herbert took 15 column inches and told us precisely nothing on the subject [Express October 21].

All we were told was what a horrible world we live in and as a result there isn’t money to fund any remedies – the rest is a political rant.

However, here are a few points on the subject of Lewes flooding:

– Building on flood plains doesn’t cause flooding, flood plains are the result of flooding.

– Building on hillsides causes flooding, it’s interesting that the Nevill Estate is built on a hillside which on old OS maps (1878 and later) is shown as the Floods.

– With the other hillside housing developments around the town flooding will continue to be a problem so the simple fact is we can’t stop flooding.

Planning authorities will do well to note when considering future applications.

I have lived for over 60 years overlooking that part of Landport Bottom, previously the floods, and there have been flooding throughout that period including one time when after heavy rain a spring broke through and a stream swept down the hill and through the houses in the lower part of Highdown Road, there has also been flash flooding since then.

Whether climate change is fact or fiction is not relevant, although today (24 Oct) the Met Office forecast that in the future there would be long periods of drought, the emphasis needs to be on protection rather than prevention.

Brian Beck

Highdown Road, Lewes