LETTER: Southern not fit to hold franchise

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With a heightened terrorist threat and possibilities of flooding in the UK, Maria Caulfield wants to turn the army into bus drivers for Southern Rail’s inept managers [Sx Exp 30.12.16].

This dispute could have been settled long ago at ACAS. The RMT was up for it. But the company refused. They have no interest in doing anything but taking on the unions – and to blazes with passengers.

Ms Caulfield is well aware that it is the company, not the unions, that are dragging out this dispute. She also knows that her political bosses are bankrolling Southern’s intransigence.

Southern are not fit hold the franchise. They cannot run a satisfactory service even when there is no strike. Drafting in the entire Royal Corps of Transport is not going to alter that.

Happy new year.

Bill Ball

Hayward Road, Lewes