Letter: Speak out on fracking

THE letter from Wendy Johnson reported in the Sussex Express (February 24) highlights many issues of concern surrounding the fracking process.

Who, for instance in Government (Central or Local) is responsible for granting permission to companies to explore mineral resources beneath the British countryside?

Bearing in mind some of the examples quoted by Wendy Johnson (who seems to have done her homework thoroughly), I am astonished that anyone in authority in public office would contemplate approving ‘environmental damage’ on such a scale.

Water resources in the South East of England are under considerable strain due to climate change and increased consumption due to more house building. Aquifers, rivers and reservoirs are reaching dangerously low levels. Recent meetings in London with Ministers and water authorities are signalling urgent action to reduce demand (more meters to be installed). With such concern and warnings about sustainability of water in the South East, how can anyone in their right mind approve fracking when millions of gallons will be needed to extract gas, not to mention the hazards of leaking of toxic chemicals into aquifers and seismic shocks which may cause instability to rock strata.

Finally, if the powers that be persist and collude to ensure test drilling continue, then environmental groups and public opinion should be mobilised. Perhaps this is the only way to ensure our water supplies and beautiful countryside is safeguarded now and for future generations.

Politician take note.

John Burns, Seaford