LETTER: Stop bickering start brokering

Oh dear...now the PO is the subject of party political accusations and counter-accusations over the location of the business of what is now a private company.

So let’s all calm down and draw breath.

If the PO were a new arrival in the town today, where would it be best located? Surely in or near the precinct to help one-stop shopping, and in premises fit for its present day business.

The current location is in a cramped building with nowhere to sit and fill in a form or to address a newly purchased envelope, and when the queue is more than about six people, we are out on the pavement.

Furthermore, one of the increasing demands – posting bulky parcels – is a major problem with no car parking nearby (people even drive to Ringmer for this purpose because it is more accessible!)

And what is all this about the town deserving its Crown Post Office – even Brighton lost its PO some years ago – one now has to go to W H Smiths, in the middle of the current shopping centre, again the Crown PO had become isolated as the shopping focal point moved.

And while parcel post may be in demand, many other transactions have declined – pensions and benefits can be transferred to bank accounts and stamps purchased in shops.

And don’t blame a potential PO move for killing trade at the top of the High Street. Boots moved 30 years ago, then greengrocers, butchers and even the International Stores disappeared, then Lloyds Bank opened in the precinct...none of this caused marches down School Hill.

So can we have a decent sized PO offering the services in demand today, but in an accessible location, please.

If the politicians want to broker that instead of bickering, so much the better.

Richard Partridge,

Clevedown, Lewes