LETTER: Stop this madness

I have done some calculations on the plans which Wealden District Council has recently put out for public consultation for the next 20 years or so and would like to draw readers attention to two results.

Firstly, I make it that the number of houses (and hence population) is being planned to increase by at least 25 per cent, possibly as much as 30 per cent.

Secondly, since nearly all of the houses are proposed for greenfield sites, at an average density of 10 homes per acre, this will result in the loss of up to 2,000 acres of farmland. This is happening in a district where our infrastructure is already creaking due to the high level of population increase. This is in a country where we need all the farmland we can get, as we import 40 per cent of our food.

This is in an ecosystem where more than half of our wildlife species are in decline and a third is threatened with extinction.

And this is in a world where over-development is contributing to dangerous climate change and sea level rise.

No wonder there is a petition of no confidence in the council which now has over 1,400 signatures.

I urge readers to do all they can to stop this madness. Sign the petition, object to the plans, write to your MP, turn up at meetings. It’s your future.

Paul Lovatt Smith

Cinderford Lane