LETTER: Surely a terrible mistake?

The Sussex Express has surely made a terrible mistake by offering ‘Hard Brexit’ Maria Caulfield, uncritical support, following her refusal to support Theresa Mays plans.

Maria Caulfield kept her seat because UKIP handed over their votes. She has aligned with the anti-European wing of the Conservative Party to keep that support. Fine; we can decide if we want a Blue-Kip MP or not when the time comes. We cannot , however, change our local paper. As the Sussex Express now supports her fundamentalist views, perhaps no paper is better than a bad paper?

In his incendiary editorial Gary Shipton claims he is merely supporting democracy, but this absurd simplification is a preliminary to endorsing the daily nonsense spouted by John Redwood and Jacob Rees-Mogg. Even traditional pro-business, fiscally continent, ministers like Phillip Hammond are, he seems to imply, conspiring against the will of the people.

The Express claims that Brexit voters knew it would make them poorer, and Brexit votes were all for the hardest of Brexits. In fact, the majority view is currently that we should not have taken this dangerous route at all.

Evidence has never shown that Brexit voters understood they would make the country poorer. Why should they, when so many slippery politicians told them they could have their cake and eat it ?

Mr Shipton is welcome to his anti-European sentiments as a private individual. I am astonished that he feels it is appropriate for the Sussex Express to disseminate propaganda on behalf of Conservative ultras and their even less appetising allies.

Paul Newman,

Firle Crescent, Lewes