LETTER: Surprised by outpourings

For a moment, I thought Norman Baker had died, given the amount of outpouring of sentiment of his term as MP for Seaford, Newhaven and Lewes.

Thank goodness I read on. I have met Norman on a number of occasions and he is a very nice, affable chap. He is very good at playing politics and yes, he did do a lot for his constituents.

Mind you, I have heard quite a few times that he only went so far and moved on. He gave the appearance of doing something. He has been given credit for the Beddingham by-pass, but it is because of him, that it is still a flipping mess. The Contractor wanted to build two lanes over Southerham roundabout to make the traffic out of Lewes flow, he stopped it. He lauds himself as Transport Minister. He proposed that ALL parking charges be DOUBLED outside of London.

Read his voting record in Parliament. It’s not very good at all. How would his Lewes luvvies have liked that? Now look at the viral abuse that has been heaped upon Maria Caulfield the Conservative MP. I will say [not because I joined the Conservatives] that Maria works damn hard for her constituents and is constantly in Parliament asking questions and debating, at a time in our nation’s history that will set the very future of our country.

If Maria didn’t, I can assure you that I would be on her case straight away. My record of attacking politicians and their parties speaks for itself. The Liberals and their supporters still and won’t accept the democratic will of the British people. The whole country were told from BOTH sides, that a vote to leave, is a vote to come out of the single market and the customs union.

Brexit won, accept it. If you were watching your football team and they just lost by only one goal, would you ask for a replay? The re-moaners would.

We will still be trading in the single market anyway, it is just a matter of what conditions. We are told that the single market is our biggest market, that is because we, as a country, were NOT allowed to trade with other countries by ourselves.

The glee from Tim Farron, the Liberal Leader, about the treatment Theresa May has received from the other EU leaders at the summit, absolutely sickens me. We sent millions of men and women to save Europe during the two world wars. Millions from this country and the Commonwealth and other countries fought and died for them. If that is how the EU wants to treat us, as far as I’m concerned, good riddance. What a disgrace. How sickening from a leader of a British Party. From someone who wants to represent Britain and the British people. You put your cross and you pay the price.

Cllr Peter Charlton

Conservative Ouse

Valley East

Crossways, Firle