LETTER: Take them down after

I do wish that people and organisations who see fit to put up warning or advertising signs around the streets would estabish a system to take them down when they have served their purpose.

By the entrance to the car park behind the new Premier Inn in Lewes there is still an “official” yellow advance warning of road closure on the day of Late Night Shopping – December 1.

Also, in mid-December, on a local Compass Bus there was displayed a printed sign telling us of changes to bus times on Bonfire Night – November 5. For all I know that may still be there, ready for next year, but I do not use those buses regularly.

Informal signs telling us of forthcoming events are routinely left up until they drop to pieces, and the whole issue results in us paying little attention as there are always so many about.

John Pigott

Middleham Close, Ringmer