LETTER: Taken aback

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With reference to Peter Estcourt’s letter in the Sussex Express on June 9, I too was rather taken aback by the cover advertisement, though I did also see the Editor’s explanation inside the paper.

Although the editorial made it clear that it was carried because the paper needed the money, I still found it rather disappointing that this method of raising extra income was chosen.

No matter what the reason was for carrying the advertisement, the initial assumption by most readers would have been of political bias, and indeed the cover might even have deterred many readers from buying the paper if they were not Tory supporters.

Even so, now that we know the election results, maybe the initiative backfired, as it seems did Mrs May’s decision to call an snap election.

I do hope the Sussex Express will reconsider the wisdom of such an initiative next time an election takes place.

Andrew Clews

Birch Path