Letter: Tax rise hypocrisy

I have followed the saga of the Seaford Town Council budget with interest.

I was a councillor for some years during the Lib Dem administration. Every year there was a budget increase and every year the Conservatives denounced it and said it was an imposition on the people of Seaford.

Now they are the ones increasing the budget! I wish that councillors would put aside their party allegiance, and look at the needs focused in the budget. Some 15 years ago, there was no Seaford Town Council and so zero budget. Nearby towns had a council and so a budget, at that time. Seaford has had to do a lot of catching up, with a tremendous increase in responsibilities in those years. As you noted, the tax here is still only about half that of Newhaven and Lewes.

There will have to be further increases in future years. The Conservatives may have fought the last election with a ‘no tax increase’ manifesto, but that was said either in ignorance or as a cynical election ploy.

Councillor Hamilton was wrong to resign over the budget issue. He is putting the council to a large unnecessary expense, (half of the Jubilee budget) and he is now unable to make any constructive criticism from within the council. As for the £10,000 to celebrate the diamond jubilee, I for one, am completely in favour.

Patrick McCausland, Seaford