LETTER: Thank you Prime Minister

Well! It would seem a big thank you is owed to our Prime Minister.

By announcing a general election, Mrs May has given Lewes the chance to clear up a rather puzzling anomaly.

A year ago this town gave a huge thumbs up to Remain in the EU, while on the other side, our standing MP Maria Caulfield gave a similar thumbs up to Leave.

Such confusion!

All however can now be solved by the simple action of electing a candidate who believes in Remain, thus fulfilling the town’s wishes.

Why, if the ‘will’ of the people, so highly spoken of by those bastions of democracy, the self proclaimed ‘Hard’ Brexiteers, can win a referendum, may not the opposite be found in the ‘will’ of the people restoring some measure of sanity to this particular constituency?

All sides thus contented, we can offer best wishes to Maria Caulfield in whatever future projects she wishes to pursue, and after shaking hands both sides go their separate ways, satisfied we have again given such a huge round of applause to our battered old democracy!

In passing I would also note it is in no way foolish to believe a number of other constituencies around our island nation will also be offering their gratitude to our Prime Minister for such a generous opportunity.

Anthony Thomson

Manor Terrace, Lewes