Letter: Thanks for Christmas Post support

ON behalf of Commercial Square Bonfire Society, we would like to thank all those who supported our Christmas Post Delivery Service 2011 which raised just over £800 for the society, representing the delivery of approximately 5,500 cards.

We are always grateful for the trust that local people place in us to deliver their cards safely and efficiently as we always aim for a high degree of service in recognition of that trust.

May we also take this opportunity to thank all the individuals and businesses who support and assist us every year providing the post box facilities which are so vital to this project. Finally, a thank you to the members who regularly answer the call to help with it at such a busy time of the year.

Undertaking this service is just one example of the goodwill, camaraderie and teamwork which Bonfire generally offers to everyone regardless of age or ability and, in this instance, for the benefit of this society and the wider community.

Until Christmas 2012, when we will do it all over again, thank you all very much indeed for your support.

Tony Duc and Kate Palmer, Lewes