LETTER: Thanks Trump

‘Fake News’, fiction, bias and malice of forethought by the media are nothing new, and I would like to thank PresidentTrump for intentionally or unintentionally moving such a serious issue to the top of the agenda.

What is new, is the digital age technology through which all news (fake and verified) can be so rapidly disseminated to such a vast and diverse number of ‘everyday’ people. This has shocked the mainstream media which now uses aggressive derogatory and dismissive terms such as ‘far right’ and ‘populist’ while continuing to promulgate its bias in vain attempts to re-assert itself as a vehicle which operates in the interests of the establishment at the expense of the majority of ‘the little people’. We shall have to wait and see whether this new world is or is not in the public interest and good for democracy.

Much of the propaganda concerning climate change must contain some of the best examples of Fake News and resulting consequential damage. In a social crusade, so called experts from academia and industry have persuaded much of society that our planet is doomed as a result of man-made global warming.

Armed with such propaganda, the main stream media, politicians and others in influential positions use their privileged status to brain wash the rest of us. Clearly all such scaremongers, including the 90 per cent of so called experts whose jobs and reputations depend on the information they provide, should be ignored and a full evidence-based evaluation undertaken by genuinely independent appropriately qualified scientists and statisticians.

Indeed, the fightback has begun with an increasing number of publications discrediting fake or bias reports and incorrect conclusions not only with respect to global warming being man-made but, within a tight margin of error and the natural swing of the pendulum, whether global warming is a problem at all. Perhaps the global warming scaremongers should focus on issues which cause real harm, such as air pollution and pollution by plastics… but then the target would be big business and politicians themselves rather than the little people.

Cllr Dr Alan Latham (UKIP)

Chyngton Way