LETTER: That is not all of the story

I’m afraid that your article on the Firle Estate does not tell all of the story.

I and a friend tried to cycle the old coach road just east of Firle Village the other day.

We were stopped by at least two feet of mud across the path.

Not just standard Sussex winter mud, but at least two foot of liquid and semi-liquid mud right across the route. Part of the problem was that the path had been churned up by vehicles, possibly from the Firle Estate.

The problem is unlikely to go away even when the weather gets dryer.

With considerable difficulty we got round, but it would have been impossible for someone on a horse, or someone less agile.

This is a very popular right of way but it is currently impassible.

Normally this would be the legal responsibility of the county council, but one of the few other things the Firle Estate has done, apart from creating two extra paths, in order to benefit from this huge inheritance tax break, is to undertake to keep the legal rights of ways open. But it has not done this.

Chris Smith

Open Spaces Society

Correspondent for Lewes

District and Brighton

Cleve Terrace, Lewes