LETTER: The fight has only just begun

East Hoathly is facing the destruction of its identity as a quiet rural village by two huge proposed developments which would double its population.

The ‘Wealden Local Plan’ has given the go-ahead to property speculators to swathe our Wealden villages with concrete and asphalt.

This is because the Cameron Government meekly acquiesced before a European Commission directive to boost UK housing stock to cater for massive immigration from the EU – last year some 800,000 EU citizens arrived in the UK.

Chris Grayling revealed this before the Brexit Referendum when he said: “What we have is the EU telling us we are not building enough houses and yet telling us that we have to accept unlimited migration from elsewhere in the European Union.”

Now we have voted to leave the corrupt, authoritarian and sclerotic EU, why cannot our new Government simply resile from or revise this appalling threat to our rural identity?

Yet we now hear that Theresa May is reneging on the Brexit premise of curbing unlimited immigration from the EU. It seems to me that the only language career politicians will understand is the message of the ballot box.

If we, across Wealden (and all the other similarly threatened parts of rural England) simply say, loud and clear, that if they allow planning committees to approve huge development proposals, then we will never vote for those councillors and MPs who let this happen again. Stand up for England! The fight for our green and pleasant land has only just begun!

John Ormow

Cider House Walk

East Hoathly