LETTER: The public understands

Your editorial response to the planned strikes by Southern Rail is to suggest that your readers are ‘sick and tired of the unions posturing’.

I think you will meet with widespread disagreement and find that the public understands very well that the government and Southern Rail are happy to try to pull the wool over the public’s eyes.

In fact, on the same page you report that £18,000 has been raised by almost 1,000 commuters to crowdfund a judicial review on the government’s failure to hold the management of Southern Rail to account.

People are not stupid and the many station demonstrations recently held to protest against the reduced rail timetable back the staff who wish to protect public safety and preserve the role of guards on trains.

It is for all our benefits that trains run safely and efficiently. The recent chaos is not caused by members of staff on Southern but by an ineffective and conniving management backed up by the current government.

Sue Priest

Cleve Terrace