LETTER: The reality is it is not our town

I attended Hailsham Town Council’s Annual meeting on April 19.

The meeting was well attended no doubt stimulated by the recent statements about the level of proposed house building in the area.

The feelings of concern from those attending were palpable. The questions to the various representatives received a considered response if at times they seemed buried in phrases that were not common in everyday conversation.

The conclusion I reached, along with others, is that whilst statements such as “It’s your town” are publicised the reality is it is not our town.

Those with the power to influence decisions on the proposed expansion of Hailsham are landowners who wish to profit by the sale of their land, developers and Westminster. The membership of this group I suspect is not top heavy with local people.

The Wealden Council have announced in the Core Strategy Local Plan for Hailsham that a further 9,000 plus homes rather than the previous figure of 1,300 would be allocated. Accepting the 9,000 figure will mean a population increase of 22,500 individuals at the very minimum. I cannot fail to see such development as a social disaster.

It is evident from last evening’s meeting that local residents share this view but will anybody listen? I doubt it as profits must be made regardless and Hailsham is not our town when money is the priority and the quality of residents’ lives now and in the future comes last.

Richard Hill,

Hawkswood Drive, Hailsham