LETTER: The state will foot the bill

We are seeing young people are unable to afford a market house, they may well pay rent all their lives, and never be able to save money, when it comes to retirement, the state will have to pay those outrageous rents, also they will not afford a care plan,again the state will have to foot the bill. A new housing system is needed, if one farms an acre of land, it would take 500 years to earn £100,000.

So let’s fix development land at a maximum of £100,000 an acre, employ developers to build one million homes,at £120,000, allow people to purchase them,but it can only be sold back to the local Council or create a trust.

Then we won’t need to spend £24 billion a year on Housing Benefits, and £34 billion on helping first time buyers get on to the housing ladder, (the ladder to nowhere).

Close the private care homes, and replace them with a community care plan, that is run locally, where every village and town would have supported accommodation, where care would be paramount, rather than see private care companies milk the system and complain they can’t manage on their charges.

For more details visit www.campaign-for-change.co.uk

Laurence Keeley,

Fairfield, Herstmonceux