LETTER: They intend to ignore our wishes

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I hear in our village (Horam) that Wealden District Council intends to ignore the wishes of local people and build a crematorium regardless of the overwhelming opposition to it.

Their belligerent attitude is deeply depressing for a lot of people in Horam.

The word ‘consultation’ must be one of the most abused terms in modern society. People are no longer consulted, they are told, their views receive a polite acknowledgement, and the people ‘consulting’ go off and do exactly as they planned in the first place. I give you Wealden District Council.

Cllr Susan Stedman and her colleagues, councillors and senior officers in Hailsham should be ashamed. For one last time, we don’t want a crematorium in our village or the horrendous housing development being forced upon us.

Can I suggest the Sussex Express asks Wealden District Council when they last proposed a major development in the district and actually changed their plans following ‘consultation’? We all know the answer to that question.

Bob Holste

Chiddingly Road, Horam