LETTER: This event would have been of more value

The article in this newspaper ‘Labour group promotes the case for staying in Europe’ is misleading and biased.

As stated by Cllr Latham (Express 20 May) the Referendum on 23 June is not about staying in Europe but about the UK’s membership of the failing EU project.

I was one of only about 40 members of the public to attend this event hoping to learn something about why those who wish to remain in the EU (not Europe) have come to this conclusion.

Alas, after about half an hour, I walked out very disappointed at the same old biased subjective propaganda being used in an attempt to frighten the undecided or leave attendees into submission.

In fact, it is likely that the Remain group’s continuous and repeated distortions, misrepresentations and downright dishonesty will have the opposite effect to that intended.

I find it difficult to understand how the Sussex Express can devote half a page to reporting this ‘non-event’ when it made no mention of a widely publicised debate involving two cross party key note speakers from each side of the Remain and Leave groups held on 16 April in Seaford – an event attended by 265 people.

I would have thought that this event, which presented both sides of the argument, would have been of far more value to your readers.

Paul Abbott

Heighton Road