LETTER: This is based on the truth

Alan Cooper’s letter about the demise of Hailsham made rather sad reference to how the town is failing.

Unfortunately, rather than being alarmist, it is based on the truth. He referred to the damage caused by illegal parking, without police supervision.

Quite a few years ago now a meeting was called by the council on various problems, including illegal parking.

It was put to the people that attended that a sum of money be added to every council tax payment to cover the cost of two community police officers. This was agreed at the meeting and, yes, the coverage by community officers was witnessed.

But this now leads to two questions. 1: Where are they now? Certainly nowhere near the High Street. 2: If they have been dispersed I have not seen any reference to this. Or if the latter has been decided then there has not been any reference to the fact or the stoppage of any council tax.

Mick Parsons

Park Gate, Hailsham