LETTER: Time for a rethink

The decision of East Sussex County Council to make the SUBUD organisation the preferred bidder for the ex-St Anne’s school site near County Hall in Lewes was widely criticised, but it offered the chance to relocate and expand community facilities.

More than 18 months on and SUBUD have still not been able to “close a deal”; faced with potential planning issues and costs relating to the collapsing southern boundary wall for this site, there is still much for them to do.

Many people are arguing that the most pressing current need in Lewes is for affordable housing and the recent collapse of LDC’s New Housing Project only magnifies it as an issue.

The increased value of the site for housing would surely be a financial benefit to the county council at this time of austerity for local government.

The Executive Committee of the Friends of Lewes has asked the county council to re-open the bidding process, so that both purpose and price can be fully re-assessed in the interests of the town.

Marcus Taylor

(Hon. Secretary, Friends of Lewes)

Delaware Road, Lewes