LETTER: Time to lead by example?

Mr Skelton responded to closures with “Every member of the seven libraries proposed to close, lives within a 20 minute-drive to one of the remaining libraries”!

Not everyone does drive and his probable response would be to ask a neighbour to drive them. I saw this ridiculous suggestion in a consultation paper from ESCC a few years ago in regards to bus time cuts in more rural areas.

I am sure though that library cuts will never affect him or his family as one could be sure that he has a car in his family.

Why did it take so long to admit overspend at Hastings library and how does the County Council intend to repay the fundraisers/contributors in Ringmer, who raised money to keep the library, for the loss of that small but wonderfully run building. Perhaps too many assistant directors, managers etc at County Hall and cuts could/should be made in that way as an example that they (directors) will do all possible to save money. It would be a wonderful example of leading by example.

Shiri Goldsmith

The Martlets