LETTER: Time to make a stand against plan

You reported on the support given by the newly elected conservative MP for Lewes to the opposition to the building of 36 new houses in East Chiltington (Express, October 9) and to her wish “to retain the rural essence of her constituency and campaign against what she dubs inappropriate developments that do not have the necessary infrastructure to support them”.

How refreshing it is to hear such views coming from a recently elected MP for a rural constituency in the South East.

How soon one asks will it be before our newly elected MP for Wealden expresses her opposition to the proposals to build 9,380 new homes in Hailsham, doubling the size of the existing town, which like East Chiltington, “has no station, an inadequate bus service, and insufficient sewerage facilities”.

Or is it that as these proposals appear to have the support of the Hailsham Conservative district councillors, elected in May, she will in fact either support the proposals or choose as at present to remain silent.

Elisabeth M Serpell