LETTER: Time to talk ‘garbage’

Dear Councillor Standley, CC Sussex Express

It is with regret that I find it necessary to take up your time with garbage, but that is exactly what I wish to do.

For the second successive fortnight Kier have failed to collect the Recycling bins from Wannock Drive, Polegate, therefore we have four weeks of accumulated items.

This has become a frequent event which I always report to WDC and then follow the advice given, ‘leave it out it will be collected within a few days’.

Occasionally that has happened. Following the missed collection on Thursday 3rd May I left my bin available for collection until the evening of Wednesday 9 May at which time I removed it from the kerbside.

The reason I removed the bin was because I did not want my carefully recycled and apparently valuable items emptied into the general waste collection which was due on Thursday 10 May and end up in landfill.

I explain this is because that is exactly what has occurred on numerous previous occasions, the recycling items are mixed in with household rubbish and sent to landfill.

So, the questions are these;

1] Is there any point in me continuing to separate Recyclable Waste and Landfill Items?

2] Is WDC aware that this practice occurs, and has been for some considerable time?

3] Can WDC take action against Kier in order that they fulfil their contractual arrangements?

4] Is the practice of mixing the separate types of waste being reported from other locations within WDC?

If there is some ongoing reason why Wannock Drive fails to have the recycling bins emptied on the allocated days and, on occasions Garden and Landfill bins, then I would be pleased to have a meeting/contact with somebody from WDC, Kier or both to resolve the matter.

I thank you in advance and I hope that your time has not been wasted!

Paul Woolmer

Wannock Drive, Polegate