LETTER: To me a white poppy shows cowardice

I refer to the article in the Sussex Express dated November 18, 2016 regarding ‘White Poppies’ at the Lewes War Memorial (Page 13).

I personally am against this idea of the white poppies being sold at the same time as that of the red poppy.

I am sure most people of my age would agree that this takes away the reason for showing respect for those thousands that died to help make the world hopefully a better place for us still living.

If this white poppy is continued to be sold I think it should be at an alternative time of year and certainly not for display at the war memorial.

As far as I am concerned my thoughts are for the families that have lost loved ones throughout our wars. I would never buy a white poppy. To my mind it strikes as a little against what our thoughts are for the families that have suffered bereavement through war. I feel a white poppy at the War Memorial at any time is inappropriate. To me a white poppy shows cowardice!

Robert Towner

Warren Drive, Lewes