LETTER: Too late to look for partners

I am writing in response to the news report published in last week’s Sussex Express about Subud Britain’s new plan to attempt to form partnerships to look at building a youth facility at St Anne’s.

I have written to Becky Shaw, CEO of ESCC, asking for assurances that when or if contracts are exchanged with Subud Britain that Subud Britain will in fact have a planning application in hand to be submitted straight away to SDNP.

I want to know that we’re not going to have a situation where Subud Britain sits on exchange of contracts for a length of time.

The whole deal, nearly three years has elapsed, has taken a ridiculous amount of time already.

The news report triggered this enquiry of mine to Becky Shaw. I’m really concerned about the fact that Subud Britain is actively seeking out ‘partnerships’ at this very late stage.

Surely they should be abiding by their original stand alone bid for the site rather than seeking out new partners that could result in radical changes both to the content of their winning bid and their planning application.

In any case the ESCC needs to assure themselves that Subud Britain has the money to fund construction costs for these proposed new ‘partners’ neither of which appear to have independent financial backing.

I do worry that these possible new partners are organizations that will attract new younger people onto a site where Subud Britain will be practising their latihans in their proposed new latihan halls.

Subud are open about their wish to attract new and younger members.

Rita Ellis

Orchard Road