LETTER: Too many sites have been sold for luxury flats

As the new chair of Independents for Seaford (IFS), I am pleased and proud of the activism of our members and the work we have been undertaking collectively to help save the Buckle Car Park since the start of the campaign.

At the ‘consultations’ last week around the district, Independents for Seaford have been present and highlighting the ongoing concerns that this ‘Community Asset’, much loved by Seafordians is threatened with building of more luxury homes.

I am proud that we took the initiative to petition Lewes District Council and pleased with the response from so many townsfolk and others in the area who signed it. This has led to debate at Full District Council, where we marched with others in the community to show that we do not want this area sold off. There is a further debate on 9th December at the next LDC full council meeting.

We have seen too many sites in Seaford sold for luxury flats over the last few years, while our own population struggle to afford housing in the town. The council’s proposals will not help hard-pressed families in Seaford.

Some have described the ‘deal’ with developers as a ‘done deal’; yet in our opinion it is far from ‘done’ and we continue to fight.

Our members have contacted all LDC Councillors urging them to investigate the manner in which the New Homes development has been conducted. We have had some response and look forward to more LDC Councillors responding. A three-stage complaint was raised with the District Council which resulted in the Local Government Ombudsman and the Information Commissioner being contacted and we are awaiting the outcome. We have also written to the Auditor asking them to investigate.

We are pleased to have heard that the Buckle Car Park has now been listed as an Asset of Community Value, and cannot be offered for sale without further public knowledge and a six-month grace period to see if the community can find a way to register an expression of interest. We will continue to fight to Save the Buckle, and stop this process, and urge all local residents to continue to support us.

Sarah McStravick

Chair of Independents for Seaford

Alfriston Road, Seaford